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10 Things Men Don’t Want to Hear in Bed

Why is it that some people feel the need to say something before, during, or after sex? What is there really to discuss? The weather? Health-care reform? That odd rash? Of course, the only real things to comment on are the actions at hand.

Here, the 10 things a guy doesn’t want to hear a woman say…

What she says: “Is it in yet?”
What he’s saying to himself: This phrase can be taken one of two ways: either you have an incredibly small instrument or she’s accustomed to a much bigger piece of equipment. If it’s your blue-veined piccolo that’s the problem, well, that’s showbiz, kid. You work with what you’ve got. If it’s the concert hall, you might want to consider moving to venues that handle smaller bands and don’t sell as many tickets.

What she says: “I want to watch you sleep.”
What he’s saying to himself: Hear that noise? She doesn’t own a cuckoo clock. Those are the birds circling her head and warning you this chick is flightier than an airport on a holiday. Watching someone sleep is a step away from making dolls from their hair. Don’t fall asleep. You may wake up bald or, worse, in a relationship with this head case Continue reading…

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Amazing Card Tricks

This guy named Dimitri Arleri has some crazy magician-like card dexterity and does amazing card tricks in this video to opera music. I bet this guy gets invited to a lot of parties…

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Why Has Paris Hilton Disappeared?

(CNN) — Once a fixture on the red carpet and a staple of the daily news cycle, Paris Hilton has recently all but disappeared from the American consciousness.  Has the socialite who became famous simply for being famous ceded her throne to a new set of up-and-coming reality stars and party fixtures, or has she gone purposely dark in order to resurrect her brand like a phoenix rising from the ashes?  “She built the ultimate how-to guide on building a celebrity brand. Now she is in the second phase of the program, the disappearing act,” said Samantha Yanks, editor-in-chief of Gotham and Hamptons magazines, two publications which often featured content about Hilton.  “Phase one was the ascension, seemingly out of nowhere,” Yanks said. “That came with a media frenzy, the antics, the partying, the music, the babe-like status and of course, the fashion label. Phase two, she disappears.”  Paris Hilton broke onto the New York City socialite scene in 2001, more famous for her late-night partying than for the small modeling jobs she had started taking. But her fame factor really began to take off when she starred in the Fox reality television series “The Simple Life,” with her childhood best friend Nicole Richie, in 2003  Continue reading…

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Do Guys Really Like Strip Clubs?

By Emily McCombs Asylum

Ever since one of our editors confessed that he feels “scared of strippers,” we’ve been wondering if most guys are really as into strip clubs as they’re supposed to be. Sure, everybody likes naked ladies, but do the artificial attraction, high prices and risk of injury outweigh even the appeal of bare boobs?  We polled Asylum contributors and found that while opinions varied, many guys shared the sentiment of contributor Joel, who says he hates strip clubs because “it’s a sad transaction between a guy who needs either company or stimulation and a woman who sees nothing but a dollar sign when she plants herself in a guy’s lap.”  The transactional nature also bothered Dan, who says, “I’m not great at suspending my disbelief, so I think that I’d be very, very conscious of the fact that the young lady gyrating on my lap was more interested in my wallet.”

And other dudes feel just plain awkward in the alter-world of the strip bar. Justin calls his two strip club experiences “awkward, impersonal and sleazy,” adding, “A particularly crafty tiny dancer tricked me into getting more dances than I had bargained for. (Obviously it wasn’t that hard to do.)”  And yet, some men manage to triumph over all these setbacks  Continue reading…

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Condom Santa Claus at Cabbages and Condoms

Cabbages and Condoms, a Thai restaurant that promotes safe sex as well as good food decided to celebrate Christmas by displaying a life-size Santa Claus made of condoms. Cabbages and Condoms is the only restaurant in the world where you get a free vasectomy, at the clinic next door, with every ordered meal. One of the most original eating establishments on Earth, is one of the most popular attractions in Bangkok, Thailand.

For the past two years, the guys at the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant have been greeting the holiday season by building a Condom Santa Claus. I have been able to dig up much info on this latex covered mannequin, but I’m willing to bet it took hundreds, maybe thousands of condoms to make. Here are a few photos of the 2009 Condom Santa:

View all the pictures…

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Taking a swim in the Devil’s Pool

If you’re ever in Zimbabwe, don’t miss the chance to take a swim in The Devil’s Pool, a small lagoon, enclosed by rocks, on the edge of one of the biggest, most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls. Set on Livingstone Island, at a height of 103 meters, Devil’s Pool is definitely one of the most surreal locations on Earth.  Continue viewing all the pictures…

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Dean Potter: 2009 Adventurer Of The Year

The price for 2009 Adventurer of the Year goes to Dean Potter. He regularry puts his life on the line with extreme sports. Here’s some new footage of the Dean Potter’s ultimate basejump.

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Striptease Goes Wrong

As a man I know all men like it if a girl strips for them.  This guy wants to give his girlfriend a little striptease for her enjoyment.  I hope we all learn from this guy what not to do…

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1.7 Million Dollar Pagani Zonda Cinque Car

Pagani Zonda Cinque: cost £1m, very exclusive only 5 to be made, Richard Hammond driving through the mountains of modena italy where Ferrari, Lambo and Pagani are based.

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Mushrooms Growing, Very Cool Video!!

Wanna know how mushrooms grows in just a couple of seconds? Take your time for this one people. Four seasons in a 10:30 time-lapse compilation video accompanied by soothing music to help you relax.

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What Do Blind People See When They Dream?

There’s a dream I had years ago that has always stayed with me, mostly because it was so unlike anything I’d experienced before. I dreamed that I was sleepwalking down a hallway painted in the most vibrant colors I’d ever seen and covered in an unrecognizable, hieroglyphics-like language. Upon waking, I marveled at my brain’s ability to create such fantastic imagery that I’d never seen in real life. And then I wondered what brains come up with when their hosts have never seen anything in real life.

I’ve heard people ask questions like, “Do blind people dream?” The simple answer is yes, of course they do. Most land mammals—including our pets—can dream, so why should a lack of sight affect someone’s ability to do the same? The way blind people dream is quite unique, but dream they do, just as frequently as anyone else. On the other hand, “Do blind people see in their dreams?” has a much more complex answer.

When the Sightless See
In 1999, researchers at the University of Hartford set out to determine what, if anything, the blind can see while dreaming. They analyzed 372 dreams of fifteen blind individuals and found that the age of sight loss affected the visual quality of the subjects’ dreams. The study determined that people who go blind at age five or younger tend not to have visual dreams, whereas if blindness occurs about at age seven or older, chances are the blind will see some images. When people go blind between ages five and seven, their potential for dream sight could go either way.    Continue reading…

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The One Book To Read Before The New Year

There are plenty of self-help books out there that talk about self-actualization and such, but Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning deserves your attention more than the others. For one thing, it’s a timeless book whose acknowledgment of a generation that feels purposeless and adrift is as relevant today as it was in 1946. More to the point, when the guy telling you that “suffering has meaning” is a Holocaust survivor who spent years in concentration camps, you should probably listen.

But this isn’t just about one book. In a year of continued financial hardship and apprehension about the future, having perspective on what’s legitimately meaningful in life is incredibly important. Man’s Search for Meaning is a great place to start, but the larger point is that, whether you subscribe to Frankl’s philosophy or not, most of what you’re likely to be worrying about right now isn’t the end of the world. Having aspirations is important; feeling in control of your life is important. Weighed against life and death, most other concerns turn out to be pretty immaterial.

You can’t just coast through life without ultimate goals
Or rather, you can, but you’re eventually going to find yourself feeling listless and unfulfilled. Unless you’re constantly challenged — to the point where your expectations require you to be better than you are right now — you’ll wake up one day and wonder what the hell you’ve been doing with your life all this time.   Continue reading…

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The 6 Things Guys Notice 6 Seconds After You Meet

by Ky Henderson

According to a new study, a person’s physical appearance allows others to form surprisingly accurate first impressions. So you may want to think twice about what kind of image you’re projecting with these traits dudes check out immediately.

1. Your Smile
Does it seem sweet and genuine? Does it seem awkward and forced? Does it seem like you ate a sesame-seed and parsley salad for lunch based on what’s lodged between every single one of your teeth?

2. Your Hair
Guys have no idea what split ends are, and if you mention roots, they just think of the band. But they do look to see if your hair looks 1. soft and 2. as though it would smell good. So don’t request “The Gosselin” at the salon, and wash it every so often. That’s all guys ask.

3. Your Cleavage
Newsflash: Dudes like to look at your chest. Now, that’s not to say they think all women should unbutton their shirts to their bellybuttons at funerals. (Though really, who are guys to judge?) But they will notice how you’re showing off what you’ve got.

4. Your Makeup
If you’re wearing so much makeup that it looks like you’ve painted an entirely new face on top of your actual face, guys will wonder if you’re trying to cover up some bizarre deformation—or if you’re Gotham City’s most dangerous criminal mastermind.

5. Your Skin
You know that blemish you’ve been obsessing over all day because it’s so huge? Chances are guys won’t even notice. What will they notice? If you look like a jaundiced Oompa-Loompa because of overenthusiastic tanning.

6. Your Bag
Are all women who haul around big purses—in other words, cavernous rucksacks stuffed full of old receipts, emergency sweaters, and half-used bottles of hand sanitizer—high maintenance? Maybe not. But guys will go ahead and assume they are anyway.

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