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Lindsay Lohan’s Muse Photos: Threesomes, Her Butt, And A Breast

Lindsay Lohan is busy not acting and has posed for a spread in Muse Magazine. Inspired by the relationship between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, the photos reflect debauched times, a threesome, one of Lohan’s breasts and her butt.  Photographer Yu Tsai spoke to the NY Post and said:

“The three of them were very sensual and provocative, but Lindsay understands this piece was created not for any sensational value other than artistic integrity,”  Tsai said. “There was never a discussion about pushing the boundaries. She was totally comfortable with the nudity as long as it had artistic integrity.  “When you see her nipple, it just happened in the moment. She was playing the role of Kate Moss — you’re at a party and you are with a guy you really love and another girl.

 Six have been released:    View all six photos…

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Tupac Makes the Vatican’s Cut

Seen on truthdig

It’s kind of sweetly dorky, like your grandpa finally figuring out how to use his iPod or something, but the Vatican has apparently discovered the late hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur and has gone so far as to include one of his songs, “Changes,” among a lineup of eight tunes on “The Vatican’s Playlist” (which has its own MySpace page!).  —KA

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The Impossible Cool

This is a very cool site I came across, take your time viewing it and reading the quotes.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.   Here are some pics and quotes that grabbed my attention Visit the website the impossible cool…

Trends that define cool for the moment will always come and go, but the looks and styles drawn from these famous icons won’t.

What We Think:

Defining what a great minimalist blog is all about, this continuous string of famous trendsetters is all the inspiration you should need to create a classic look of your own.

Best Feature:

Since many in the younger web generation may not know the history of the influentials highlighted, clicking most pictures will take you to their Wiki entry for clarification.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
Winston Churchill

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Being A Gentleman

I think I will forward this to all my Neanderthal friends…

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On Manly Loyalty

In Dante’s Inferno, Dante takes an allegorical journey through the nine levels of Hell. With Virgil as his guide, he ventures through nine concentric circles, each level inhabited by successively worse sinners. Dante works his way through limbo, lust, gluttony, avarice, wrath and sloth, heresy, violence, and fraud, before finally making it the center of the earth and the lowest circle of Hell. Here reside the worst sinners in history, those guilty of treason and betrayal. These traitors are doomed to spend eternity encased in ice, with the very worst of the bunch-Brutus, Cassius, and Judas-being perpetually chewed on by Satan.

With so many varieties of sinners, why did Dante mark traitors as the worst of the worst? For that matter, why do those who remember little about the Revolutionary War still know exactly who Benedict Arnold was? And why is being called a “fairweather fan” such a derisive insult? In short, why is betraying one’s loyalty so unforgivable an act?  Continue reading…

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Why Foreplay Matters (Especially for Women)

By Lisa Zamosky
WebMD the Magazine – Feature

Whoever said the most important thing in life is to finish strong never had a frank conversation with a woman about the importance of foreplay. When it comes to sexual prelude, men and women don’t always see eye to eye. As you ready yourself for slow, leisurely lovemaking, suddenly your evening turns into an Emeril Lagasse show: Things were cooking, and then … bam! It’s over.  “It’s particularly important for women to have successful foreplay because it takes a woman a longer time [than a man] to get up to the level of arousal needed to orgasm,” says “Dr. Ruth” Westheimer, EdD, a psychosexual therapist, professor at New York University, and lecturer at Yale and Princeton universities. 

A man can just think about sex and have an erection, but for most women, wanting sex is not enough, says Westheimer. Foreplay serves a physical and emotional purpose, helping prepare both mind and body for sex. Many women need to be kissed, hugged, and caressed to create lubrication in the vagina, which is important for comfortable intercourse. 

Foreplay and the Clitoris

Foreplay also helps the clitoris fulfill its “O” so important role. “It has the same characteristics as the penis,” Westheimer says. “Blood flows into the clitoris, and in order for a woman to have an orgasm, there must be lubrication in the vagina, but also the clitoris must get erect.” Stimulation is the key to achieving pleasure.  But we’re more than just our biology. After all, a girl’s got feelings. Westheimer says a woman especially needs emotional assurance that the man she’s about to have sex with really wants to be with her. The time and attention given during foreplay can communicate that message in a way the “Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am” approach simply cannot.  So let your guy in on the secret: Even Emeril allows his dishes to simmer for a little while before bringing them to a boil.

Foreplay Tips

Start off strong with these foreplay tips from Dr. Ruth:

Check it out. If anything “down there” hurts or isn’t working the way you think it should, don’t wonder about it — see a doctor. For him, difficulty maintaining an erection and, for her, pain during intercourse always requires a medical evaluation.

Don’t zone out. Many couples are embarrassed to ask their partner to stimulate erogenous zones that are very pleasurable but can be considered taboo. The nipples, the anus, the back of the neck — all have nerve endings. So don’t be shy. The only shame when it comes to foreplay is a missed opportunity for pleasure.

Stay the course. There is a moment before orgasm when many women give up, thinking nothing will happen. It’s a self-sabotaging mistake. Stay with the stimulation and the orgasm will come.

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Jewelry Made with Human Teeth and Hair

Teeth and Silver go together like horse and carriage. At least according silversmith Polly van der Glas, who created a strange collection of teeth encrusted silver jewelry. Polly van der Glas, who won the Craft Victoria Fillipo Raphael Fresh! Award, in 2006, handcrafts a unique type of silver jewels, using collected human teeth and hair. The teeth are collected from all around Melbourne and sterilised, while the hair is sometimes imported from China and India. Apparently the teeth are pretty hard to come by in Australia, so maybe miss van der Glas should get in touch with an Indian street dentist. I’m sure they could work out some sort of agreement. via Ecouterre

View more jewelry…

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Choking Friend

What not to do when your friend is choking.

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Why You Got Dumped – Again

You got dumped again, huh? We’d say “sorry about your luck” if we thought luck had anything to do with it. To be perfectly honest with you, however, the fact that you keep getting dumped over and over again is probably your fault. Sorry, pal. Now it’s time for some tough love. We know it’s easier to believe that all women everywhere are crazy: they don’t understand you, they don’t know what they want, etc. But isn’t it infinitely more likely that the cause of your frequent relationship failures is, in fact, you? Might it not be the case that you are the reason why you got dumped – again? It’s not that you’re a bad guy; it’s probably just that you are stuck in a cycle of bad decisions and bad behavior. See, certain kinds of relationship mistakes are self-reinforcing. For example, a man might get dumped because he’s too clingy, but getting dumped will only make him clingier in his next relationship, which gets him dumped again, and again, and again. It’s a vicious cycle.

If you’re trying to figure out why you got dumped – again, read on and see if any of these guys sound at all like you.

You’re too clingy
It’s good to be enthusiastic about your relationship. Girlfriends appreciate your appreciation, but make no mistake about it, there is a clinginess line and you can cross it. Recognize that being clingy may be the result of enthusiasm and infatuation, or it might be a kind of defense mechanism. Ask yourself Continue reading…

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How to Have a Boyfriend by the Holidays

Sure, being single during the holiday season has its charms: one less present you’ve gotta buy, and a whole lot more flirting on the party circuit. But lots of chicks yearn for a steady guy to ring in the new year with. If that’s your MO, grab that guy that you’ve been hanging out with and try out some of these creative, wallet-friendly (and bond-strengthening) date ideas. They just might tip you two over into “serious” territory by Christmas.

1. Go day-hiking and marvel at the amazing autumn colors on a woodsy trail.  You’ll both feel alive and connected to nature…and to each other.

2. Surprise him with an unexpected date that will blow his mind: a shooting range, boxing match, or beer and chocolate tasting. He’ll love your creativity.

3. Instead of meeting for a beer at a local pub, sample some hard cider, or try a wine bar.  Sharing something new together triggers a brain chemical rush that mimics the rush of attraction. 

4. So what if Halloween is over? Go ahead and Netflix a cheesy-horror film, like Continue reading…

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