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Tarantino Mixtape

Cool mix of Quentin Tarantino films along with soundtracks. 

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Male Boobs (Gynecomastia)

By David Freeman
WebMD Feature
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, knows a thing or two about enlarged breasts in men, and not just because he specializes in treating the condition. “My own breasts became enlarged when I was a teenager,” says the New York City-based plastic surgeon. “It was very embarrassing. When I was being fitted for my bar mitzvah suit, the salesman said, ‘A little chesty, aren’t you?’ I dreaded playing shirts-and-skins basketball in gym class, because I hated running up and down the floor without a shirt, my chest bouncing. Once, I went to my locker after gym class and saw that a classmate had hung a bra on it.”

Jacobs is just one of countless men to suffer the embarrassment of male breast enlargement, a.k.a. man boobs or moobs or, in medical parlance, gynecomastia. Whatever name it goes by, the condition has been the butt of countless jokes: Remember the 1995 episode of Seinfeld in which Kramer comes up with a brassiere for men (and has trouble deciding whether to call it a “bro” or a “mansiere”)? Of course, for the millions of men and boys who have enlarged male breasts, there’s nothing funny about the condition.

‘Man Boobs’ Affect Males of All Ages

Gynecomastia affects up to two-thirds of pubescent boys and half of all men. Male breast enlargement that arises in puberty often resolves on its own, within a matter of months, as hormone levels normalize. When the condition arises in adulthood, it tends to Continue reading…

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Sailing Around The World For A Cause


If you could sail around the world and share those experiences with others, how would you do it? Three twentysomethings — Alan Stewart, 24; Adam Domanski, 26; and Trevor Dreyfus, 26 — have the answer. It begins with a BlackBerry, a website and a blog, a satellite phone and a HAM radio. (And Twitter.) Currently moored in Coconut Grove, the trio set sail on a 40-foot 1966 Rhodes Reliant sailboat named the William T. Piquette from Hampton, Va. They plan to travel through the Caribbean, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe. Eventually they will end up back at their starting point — in Virginia.   

That’s 80 cities in 60 countries in two-and-a-half years.

And they will use their website, Eye of the World ( to blog about their travels, create 50-minute documentary films and hold video conferences with middle school students and their teachers in Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina.   Continue reading…

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Why Do The Smartest Women Have The Toughest Time Dating?

I confess: I love smart women. I love it when she can write a sonnet, use Euler’s formula, code Perl, play a concerto, speak half a dozen languages, run a company, quote Chaucer, diagnose diabetes, compose a quartet and converse brilliantly. Especially in a big city like Los Angeles or New York, looks alone do not suffice. I need, nay, require the intellectual engagement, and legions of smart, educated men feel similarly.  So it pains me to no end to see my smart, educated, lovely female friends remain single, alone and lonely in spite of their best efforts. These are amazing women! Surely there is something wrong with the world if they remain single for so long. That’s what compelled me to write The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible.

What compels me to write this article today is a recent trip to the Harvard-Yale Game festivities, reminding me of how smart, educated women routinely sabotage their own chances for romantic fulfillment.  Because, as fabulous as these ladies are, all of their failed relationships have one thing in common: themselves. And frankly, telling them that men are losers or even proving it conclusively doesn’t improve anyone’s plight. Useful advice is about something you can change.  Now I’ve been running and attending young alumni events for Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Duke, Swarthmore, Penn, Cornell, Berkeley, Brown, Dartmouth, Oxford, Cambridge and similar well-regarded institutions for a while.

I’ve also been privy to the dating woes of hundreds of men who wrote me subsequent to their reading The Tao of Dating for Men.

From these emerges this brand-new list which builds and elaborates on the earlier article, Why the Smartest People Have the Toughest Time Dating. Here we go:

1. Some smart women put themselves in a no-win bind when it comes to finding an intellectual match.

A smart woman wants to date a smart man, since men less intelligent than her frankly bore her to Continue reading…

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Asiate Restaurant Review

Every man has a list of restaurants in his back pocket, each one with a particular function attached to it. You have your flaming-hot wings joint for Monday nights with the boys, your formal-but-not-too-formal place for second dates, and your vibe-of-the-city place where you bring out-of-towners. You may also have your special occasion place, where you bring the lady for her anniversary and mom for her birthday. If you do, and if you’re a New Yorker, we’re about to replace it for you. Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental is your new go-to in this category.

The Scene

You’re lucky to have AM to point out these discoveries to you, because Asiate isn’t a place that you’re likely to stumble across.  The restaurant is on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, accessible via the third floor of the adjoining Time Warner Center. So, you’ll be taking the escalator through The Shops at Columbus Circle to access it, and however posh they may be, it’s still a mall. And an escalator is still an escalator, and you usually don’t find a “back pocket” restaurant at the end of one.

Asiate, however, is the exception, and once you walk into it you’ll forget all about the view en route. Yes, the much-celebrated décor is lovely (and was voted best in the city in Zagat’s 2009 survey). But there’s a good chance you won’t even notice it, as you’ll be completely submerged in the view. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Central Park, eating at Asiate is all about the view. Just be sure to book a window table! If you end up in a booth, your special occasion won’t be nearly as special as it could have been.  Continue reading…

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