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Guns, Ammo, Art and Religion, by Al Farrow

They may look like just elaborate models of Christian, Jewish and Islamic holy places, but Al Farrow’s artworks have a much deeper meaning.

Al Farrow’s Religious Trifecta: A Synagogue, a Cathedral and a Mosque tries to reinterpret three of the world’s major religions according to their political, military and cultural history. As you surely know, religion played a major role in some of the greatest conflicts in history and that’s what the artist is trying to emphasize through his models. Built with used gun components, bullets and steel shots, these unusual holy places reveal the violent side of religion.

Al Farrow’s steel masterpieces are displayed at the de Young Museum, in San Francisco.

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Weird And Bizarre Xmas Trees

Published by djmick on December 10th, 2009

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Extremely Lazy People

There are a lot of lazy people, but here are some of the laziest.


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