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Top 10: Signs She’s Psychotically Jealous

No.10 – She gets angry when you look at other women

Here’s a little-known fact: Women get more jealous of the women they look at than the ones you do. So, even if your eyes don’t follow some stunner passing by, she’ll assume otherwise — and bitch about it.

She’ll likely assume, in fact, that you’re attracted to every living thing with two breasts and try to limit your exposure to them. This does not exclude attractive women on TV and movies, even if they’re out of reach or entirely fictional   Continue reading all the jealousy signs…

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Spice Up The Missionary Position

By David Strovny

The missionary position is a tried and true sex position that is used as a good old standard. You know what to expect, she knows what’s coming and both of you are comfortable and satisfied. This very mundane position works well when needed so don’t retire it just yet — it can be modified. You can make what’s old new again.  So when the standard missionary just won’t do, here are some satisfying maneuvers to keep your partner satisfied and aroused (not to mention impressed) by your ingenuity.

The Jack Hammer

The name says it all. With a penetrating, downward maneuver you control the speed, depth and force of penetration. Your partner lies on her back with a leg on each of your shoulders. It would be wise to make sure she’s limber enough and up for this kind of action. Kneel, placing your knees beside her waist. The next step is easy: Lean forward and ravish her. If needed, rest your hands on top of her thighs to steady and control the movement. Initially, you’ll want to make sure she’s alright in this position, as you can cause some discomfort if she is unused to stretching in such a way.

Rocking the Cradle

With a gentle motion you can rock her world. With you on top there isn’t much your partner can do to add sensation to this position besides relax and contract her vaginal muscles. The brunt of the “work” is done by you. Lie on top of her and place her legs up over your shoulders while you rock back and forth. Some upper-body stamina is required. Firm foot placement is also a necessity to help you rock and pleasure your partner with the intoxicating motion. But make sure you don’t crush her with your weight or flatten her legs to her body. She won’t appreciate the novelty of being “rocked in a cradle” if she feels trapped underneath you.


While this one may take a bit more choreography, the pleasure is certainly worth the few extra seconds it takes to bend and place your bodies in delicious ways. Have your girl lie back on the bed and place her right leg on your right shoulder. Bend her left leg and place it beside your right side. Ease forward into the honey pot and feel the sweet sensation. For some added stimulation, your partner can use her free hands for a little clit rub or to stimulate you.

Golden Gate Bridge

The only time you’ll want this bridge to fall is when she’s overcome with a heavy, pulsating orgasm. Place her on her back with a comfy, fluffy pillow under her shoulders. Kneel between her legs, keeping your knees bent at 90 degrees and guide her up toward you with your hands under her waist. Position her vagina in line with your penis and insert. Use short thrusts to penetrate and ignite her senses. She can aid you by wrapping her hands around the backs of your legs to keep you close. Long, sweeping thrusts are not recommended as your control over the motion will be compromised and the position could be lost. This might become frustrating, so keep with the short strokes — unless you are simply too well-hung to lose your way.

Coital Alignment Technique

If you want to experience her writhing in pleasure beneath you, check this position out. CAT (coital alignment technique) focuses on the alignment of both you and your partner’s pelvic bones, which enables the base of your penis to rub against her clitoris. As she lies on her back, place yourself on top and enter her. Slide a couple of inches up to align your pelvic bone with hers and this will ensure the base of your penis is rubbing against her clit. Use an upward and downward sweeping motion. This is not the time to use regular in-and-out thrusting. Both of you should have your legs straight out and positioned beside or on top of one another. Your girl can bring you in deeper by wrapping her legs around your calves. Don’t forget to touch and kiss her body as this deviation from straight missionary allows for great sensual body-on-body contact.

missionary fun

Digressing a bit from the norm is a healthy and exciting foray into sexual practice and pleasure. There is nothing wrong with the missionary position; however, you can liven up your sex life by introducing alternatives to everyday routines. Modest changes can yield fiery results. Have fun and play with your partner by taking old favorites and making them new again. 

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Can two wild, impulsive, spontaneous lovers find happiness together?

by Roy F. Baumeister, Eppes Eminent Professor of Psychology and head of the social psychology graduate program at Florida State University, and author of The Cultural Animal and Psychology Today’s Cultural Animal blog.

What mix of partners makes for the best relationships? For decades, research has pitted two theories against each other. The similarity theory, which is the usual winner, holds that the smaller the differences between two people’s personalities, the better match they make. In contrast, the theory of complementarity says that opposites attract; therefore the bigger the difference, the better.

What about self-control? In recent years, evidence has pointed toward many benefits of self-control. This raises a challenge for the similarity theory. Can a good relationship form between two people who are similar precisely because both lack self-control? Or would complementarity make a better pair, such that one partner is disciplined, organized, and reliable, while the other brings spontaneity and a carefree attitude to the romance?

Several recent studies by Kathleen Vohs, Catrin Finkenauer, and myself have begun to sort out the answer. We assembled dating couples, married couples, and even pairs of same-sex friends, measured their self-control levels, and looked at how the combination of self-control scores predicted their satisfaction with the relationship.

The difference between partners’ scores predicted nothing. Neither similarity nor oppositeness produced a good relationship. These results contradicted both theories.

Rather, it was the total of the two scores that predicted success. The more self-control both partners had, the better they got along. This was true for friends, dating couples, and long-term spouses.

We did find that in romantic relationships (though not the same-sex friends), partners tended to be more different than similar. Thus, in terms of self-control, opposites do seem to attract – but oppositeness does not make for a better relationship.

Thus, to return to the question of whether two people with low self-control can find happiness together, the answer is that the odds are not good. They might have a very exciting and fun-filled fling for a short time. However, their prospects for a satisfying long-term stable relationship are poor. Over the long run, two people with good self-control share the best chance of a happy love relationship.

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