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Deweaponizing The Gun

 by Fiona Killackey

As mediums go, guns rarely figure into an artist’s tools, but for Alabama-based Walton Creel they have become the weapon of choice for creating thought-provoking art. CH caught up with Creel to learn more about his series, “Deweaponizing the Gun.”

Growing up surrounded by the powerful weapon, Creel bought his first gun in his teens—a mini-14, the gun used by the A-Team—which he first put to use while on a date with his girlfriend. “Here, guns seem to be woven into the fabric of southern society,” he explains. Wanting to explore more about the gun culture that seemed to permeate his life and many others who use guns recreationally throughout the U.S., Creel set out to “incorporate guns into a project that could speak to that.”

His work, created by shooting bullets into reinforced aluminum and generating a patterned silhouette effect, Creel admits the process drained him, “I started off just going into the woods with canvas, then realized I needed a stronger material.” Taking nearly a full year to develop his current technique and the resulting first piece (an image of a deer) Creel took time off before continuing to work on the remaining pieces of his series.

Completing his project two years later, Creel’s collection of works challenges popular opinion about the purpose of guns and their ability for uses in a positive light—not surprisingly their reception has been mixed.

“Whatever view a person already holds on guns is the view they project onto me. If they love guns and think gun ownership is a God-given right, then they see my work as reinforcement of that view. If they think guns should be banned, they see my work as an ironic protest.”

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Are You Persistent Or Just Stubborn?

by Russell Bishop

Last week, we took on the notion of resistance, stating that what you resist, you are stuck with. All kinds of comments came in, ranging from agreement, to disagreement, to those who wanted me to know that other people have said something similar before me.

A good question arose, however. What’s the difference between resistance and persistence? And where does being stubborn fit in?

How do you know if you are being persistent or just stubborn?

There’s an old story about Thomas Edison and the light bulb, a story which may or may not be true. However, the point of the story will probably resonate.

On the way to light bulb, Edison experimented with thousands of different filaments before he settled on a carbon filament that would last for hours. Once the light bulb became somewhat available, the story goes that he was interviewed by a science editor for a major publication. The editor asked Edison how it felt to have failed so many times with the thousands of previous filament experiments. Edison replied something like, “Fail? I give you light bulb!” The editor stubbornly persisted, “but look at all your failures along the way!” To which Edison simply pointed out, “The light bulb had thousands of steps to it along the way. Had I viewed the previous steps as failures, I never would have wound up with light bulb. I just didn’t know how many steps there were before we would wind up with light bulb.”

Again, who knows if the story is true or not. But the point is still quite valid.

Lao-tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I like to say that he left out an important element: “a thousand mile journey takes all the steps it takes.”

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How to Win a Coin Toss — Scientifically or by Straight-Up Cheating

by Emerald Catron

A recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal has proven what we’ve suspected for years — you can win a coin toss with a little bit of luck … or a whole lot of cheating.

Previous research has shown that a tossed coin has a 51 percent chance of landing the same way it was facing before being tossed, but with practice, you can get a feel for how to toss a coin and improve your chances of calling it right.

One participant in the study managed to force a “heads” landing 68 percent of the time. Useful knowledge if you want to cheat without feeling like a cheater.

For the rest of us low-down, dirty dogs, there is a much easier (and more effective) manner to win a coin toss. Toss the coin, but don’t call it until you catch it. Using your thumb in a subtle, magician-like way, feel the coin — the head side of a coin is much smoother than the tail side, so you know which side you’re about to show.

And there you have it — a perfect method to ensure you never have to watch another movie with Sarah Jessica Parker at the theater ever again.

If, however, you are looking for a fair toss, use a truly random online generator like Coin Flipper.

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Casual Sex Doesn’t Harm Young People’s Psyches

by Jeremy Taylor

“Friends with benefits” hook-ups have no negative effect on the emotional well-being of young adults.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota asked 1,311 sexually active male and female college students a battery of questions pertaining to their mental health and self-esteem. As part of the survey, students had to classify their last sexual encounter as being either casual or with a committed partner.

Much to the researchers’ surprise, they found that the 20 percent of students who copped to a meaningless romp had the same level of overall psychological health as those who were getting it on monogamously. Interestingly, this study contradicts much of the conventional wisdom on the subject.

However, in the findings, twice as many guys as gals ‘fessed up to casual sex. Meaning, for some, the road to emotional well-being may include a dose of delusion.

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