The Neanderthal Post

Survival of the Blog


After a few vodka tonics with my Neanderthal friends at our regular Friday night hangout spot, I started to ponder on the fascinating reality about our origins.  I began to explore the parallels and distinctions between the Neanderthal Man vs. Modern Man.  Although, some modern men (women are likely to agree) seem to have kept a closer relationship to the gene pool of the Neanderthal; I was inspired to start a blog that would portray all the intricacies of what it means to be a modern man.

What I had in mind was a blog that would provide the modern, barbaric and intellectual Neanderthal with a diversity of knowledge that is not commonly hunted for but rather amusing, informative and entertaining.  The modern man may not need stone tools to survive, but rather a keen curiosity and knowledge about such topics such as: art, music, sports, relationships, trends, health, self-development and your occasional celebrity news.  These tools can definitely come in handy in today’s world…enjoy the hunt!

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