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Ukelele Kid Becomes YouTube Star in One Week

In case you haven’t seen this one yet, here’s the latest YouTube sensation. This unknown kid has got some serious guitar picking skills. He nails every note of “I am Yours”, which is pretty darn impressive.

What’s even more impressive is how many people have watched this video. The video was discovered on Dec. 9 and within four days more than 3 million people had watched. Four days after that more than 6 million have watched it. Congrats you unknown ukelele-pickin’ master.

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Good Girl Gone Badass

By Lisa DePaulo GQ Magazine

rihanna is running late. Several hours late. Her fluffy bronze poodle, Oliver, arrives before she does, with his own entourage. There is much fussing over the dog (“You smell like your mommy”) outside the soundstage in Burbank, where the musicians and crew for her upcoming world tour are waiting and pacing. Almost everyone but the poodle is chain-smoking cigarettes. It’s been one of those weeks. A few days before, Rihanna spilled her guts to Diane Sawyer about the “whole Chris Brown thing,” as the musicians call it, and though the interview hasn’t aired yet, the buzz is on. She has also been saying things like, “I’ve put everything I’ve wanted to say for the past eight months into my music,” which might explain some of what’s emanating from the studio. Is that Rihanna, the sweet girl from Barbados, dropping the N-bomb? Her new album, Rated R, is, to put it mildly, edgier than the under-my-umbrella stuff that sold 12 million records. One song, called “G4L” (Gangsta for Life), sounds like a revenge fantasy, with her homegirls arming themselves with guns to go out and fuck somebody up. On another track, she talks about getting her hair pulled during sex. She’s made her point.

But apparently not enough. Rihanna’s image—so carefully crafted and handled and managed from the moment she was plucked, at age 15, from a girl group in Barbados by a producer who would squire her to his home in Stamford, Connecticut, get her a record deal with Def Jam, and send her on her way to superstardom—had gotten all twisted up in the “Chris Brown thing.” In the record business, domestic violence isn’t just a tragedy; it’s an image crisis. So now Team Rihanna had to decide how to “handle it.” Their plan was this: She’d talk about it for the release of the album. She’d do Diane and Glamour and announce that she wanted to help young women who’d been in her position. Even if that meant addressing what really happened that ugly night last February, when she and Chris Brown left a pre-Grammy party, gorgeous, smiling, and posing, got into his car, and she later emerged bloody, bruised, and bitten.

Before I even meet Rihanna, I feel for the girl. It’s bad enough to have the guy you’re madly in love with beat the shit out of you. It must be quite another thing to have this whole apparatus surrounding you (and your poodle), making you confront this horrible episode on public terms. And then what? If you say you want to help young women, can you really stop talking after the publicity blitz is over? And should you have to go through any of this? Not to get all domestic-violence preachy, but what Robyn Rihanna Fenty endured, at the tender age of 20 (when Chris Brown beat her up, she was two weeks shy of her twenty-first birthday), is not something that is likely to go away after the world tour.

On the lot in Burbank, the star’s new single, “Wait Your Turn,” keeps blasting through the walls of Studio 10. And finally, a flurry of excitement outside. Rihanna has arrived, in the backseat of an Escalade. Her driver pulls up to the double doors of the soundstage and idles for a good ten minutes while she slowly, extravagantly, applies mascara. Then she emerges, in the dramatic fashion that stars like Rihanna do naturally when exiting vehicles. The pause, then the ta-da. Like there are paparazzi waiting. (There aren’t.) The first impression is pure tough girl. The overly zippered jeans, the black boots, the gray hoodie, the big silver metallic bag that she swings over her shoulder like it’s a weapon, and the new hair (shaved and brown on the sides, pineapple blond on top). “That is the fucking bomb, that hair,” one of the crew tells her. I introduce myself. “Sweet,” she says, not very sweetly, and turns toward the studio. She wants to be alone first to say hello to her crew. “I’ll meet you down there, okay?” she says. Okay. “Sweet,” she says again.    Continue reading…

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Tarantino Mixtape

Cool mix of Quentin Tarantino films along with soundtracks. 

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Rihanna Admires The ‘Very Bold’ Lady Gaga

by Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Matt Elias

Rihanna and Lady Gaga have a lot in common. They are both innovative pop stars with a concrete vision for their music and image. They are both fashionistas with a love for forward-thinking style. And they certainly both have swagger. Maybe that’s why Rihanna has so much respect for her contemporary. “She has a very bold, fearless image,” Rihanna told MTV News on the set of her “Hard” music video. Rihanna also admires Gaga because she doesn’t apologize for those bold moves. “I have to say, I have so much respect for original artists and artists who aren’t afraid to do what they want to do,” Rihanna said. “That’s what I respect most, so she’s awesome.”

Recently, everyone from frequent collaborator RedOne, who described Gaga as “very talented, very ahead of the curve,” to Smokey Robinson have been praising the new pop diva for her individuality and her ability to take over the charts and garner five Grammy nods this year. “I think that Lady Gaga is so different and she has taken the world by storm,” Robinson told MTV News on Wednesday at the Grammy nominations concert. “I enjoy her music. So I think that she’s unique. Unique always has a chance.”  View Rihanna video on

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Tupac Makes the Vatican’s Cut

Seen on truthdig

It’s kind of sweetly dorky, like your grandpa finally figuring out how to use his iPod or something, but the Vatican has apparently discovered the late hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur and has gone so far as to include one of his songs, “Changes,” among a lineup of eight tunes on “The Vatican’s Playlist” (which has its own MySpace page!).  —KA

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Striptease Goes Wrong

As a man I know all men like it if a girl strips for them.  This guy wants to give his girlfriend a little striptease for her enjoyment.  I hope we all learn from this guy what not to do…

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Mushrooms Growing, Very Cool Video!!

Wanna know how mushrooms grows in just a couple of seconds? Take your time for this one people. Four seasons in a 10:30 time-lapse compilation video accompanied by soothing music to help you relax.

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Mickey Rourke’s Insane Rap: No Curse Word Is Spared

Mickey Rourke has reinvented himself once again. This time as a rapper. Those playing the video game “Rogue Warrior” were treated to a surprise performance by the actor, who seems to relish the chance to play MC. While the song stays pretty tight through, Rourke unravels toward the end, spitting out every curse word he can think of. It climaxes as he informs the listener that he “owns your fucking soul.” To quote Ron Burgundy: “Boy, that escalated quickly… I mean, that really got out of hand fast.”   THE HUFFINGTON POST.COM

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Hot New Trio: Band of Skulls

When British rock trio Band of Skulls learned their song “Friends” would be featured in New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, they were shocked. Not because the movie’s music supervisors liked it, but rather that they’d heard it at all. “We didn’t know we’d sent it out,” says singer-guitarist Russell Marsden, with a laugh. The unreleased track had accidentally been included on an advance of their debut, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (Shangri-La) — a gritty mix of guy-girl vocals, Bonzo-style drum bashing, and scuzzy guitar. “We were still working on it, but that was the one they wanted.”   Continue reading…

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Complex Presents: The 10 Most Underrated New Rappers

Hard to believe it’s still possible in this age of low-budge videos and WSHH fuckery, but there’s actually such a thing as an underexposed rapper. The problem is no longer about getting your shit out there, it’s about getting your shit heard when there’s millions of other shit dropping daily. Too many choices, not enough time. Inevitably, some good MCs fall through the cracks—like our boy Wiz Khalifa, whose new album, Deal or No Deal, is out today (buy it now). The Pittsburgh rapper’s been around for a minute, but doesn’t get nearly as much buzz as many inferior peers.  Well, we at Complex are here to change all that. In honor of Wiz and other unheralded artists, we’ve put together a list of the 10 most underrated new rappers—and by “new,” we mean “relatively new.” Dudes like Curren$y and Peedi Crakk are definitely overlooked, but they’ve already had a moment in the spotlight. We looked specifically for MCs who’ve consistently flown under the radar. Read on to sample 10 rappers you need to know now  Listen for free at Complex…

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MTV Unplugged: Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl (Live Performance) [HQ]

Spunky singer-songwriter Katy Perry takes the ‘MTV Unplugged’ stage armed with jazzy, stripped-down and soulful arrangements of her hit songs. This is a performance not to be missed.

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Lambert Says Man-on-Man Kiss At AMA Happened ‘in the moment’

Los Angeles, California (CNN) — Adam Lambert’s sexually suggestive choreography — including kissing another male — on the American Music Awards stage Sunday night happened “in the moment,” the singer told CNN.  Lambert, who is openly gay, said it is “a form of discrimination and a double standard” for anyone to object since “women performers have been pushing the envelope” for decades.   Watch video…

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Eminem & 50 Cent Perform At The American Music Awards

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Jennifer Lopez Falls During AMA Performance

Celebrities, they’re just like us. They climb atop bare-chested men in a boxing ring—and sometimes they fall down and go boom. Well, J. Lo does, anyway. Luckily, the pop star recovered quickly from her splat during a live performance at the American Music Awards Sunday night.

Start video at 2:52 to see how it all went down…

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Make Me – Janet Jackson (Official Video)

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Dead By Sunrise – Let Down

The new video from Dead By Sunrise’s debut album “Out Of Ashes,” featuring Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.. Dead By Sunrise – Let Down by Dead By Sunrise. 

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