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The Evolution of Porn and Erotica

Not so long ago, many people treated pornography like a dirty little secret. Adult movies were kept in video stores’ back rooms or sold in seedy sex shops. Erotic books, magazines and toys were created with men in mind, and women were largely ignored…unless they were nude.   But times are changing. As the Internet gained popularity, pornography found its way into more and more homes. Now, Americans spend up to $10 billion a year on porn, and men aren’t the only ones supporting this highly profitable industry.

“Something’s going on in bedrooms across America,” Oprah says. “It has been reported that 1 in 3 consumers of online porn in our country are now women.”   To find out how porn is changing and why women are more open to the experience, Lisa Ling visited adult film sets and spoke to industry insiders. Though 70 percent of women say they keep their online viewing habits secret, Lisa says there’s no question that more and more women are watching and buying erotica and porn.

“It’s not so much that it’s gotten better. It’s changing,” she says. “Now there is porn that is being produced specifically for women by women, in some cases, and it just looks different. It feels different. There’s more of a storyline. It’s more romantic.”    During her investigation, Lisa met Steve Hirsch, the Ivy League–educated CEO of the world’s largest adult film studio, Vivid Entertainment. Steve says porn producers are trying to keep up with the needs of new female consumers.

“I would say that 30 to 40 percent of the market is female. Now, some of that are men who rent movies to watch with their wives,” he says. “We saw this huge couples’ market that was untapped and nobody was really going after.”   To make porn more appealing to women, Steve says his studio began producing a different sort of adult film. “I think that there’s more foreplay. There’s more tease,” he says. “Women, in a lot of cases, like to watch movies with story lines.”   Continue reading…

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