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Most Daring – Mano a Emu

This is one mad Emu…

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Can two wild, impulsive, spontaneous lovers find happiness together?

by Roy F. Baumeister, Eppes Eminent Professor of Psychology and head of the social psychology graduate program at Florida State University, and author of The Cultural Animal and Psychology Today’s Cultural Animal blog.

What mix of partners makes for the best relationships? For decades, research has pitted two theories against each other. The similarity theory, which is the usual winner, holds that the smaller the differences between two people’s personalities, the better match they make. In contrast, the theory of complementarity says that opposites attract; therefore the bigger the difference, the better.

What about self-control? In recent years, evidence has pointed toward many benefits of self-control. This raises a challenge for the similarity theory. Can a good relationship form between two people who are similar precisely because both lack self-control? Or would complementarity make a better pair, such that one partner is disciplined, organized, and reliable, while the other brings spontaneity and a carefree attitude to the romance?

Several recent studies by Kathleen Vohs, Catrin Finkenauer, and myself have begun to sort out the answer. We assembled dating couples, married couples, and even pairs of same-sex friends, measured their self-control levels, and looked at how the combination of self-control scores predicted their satisfaction with the relationship.

The difference between partners’ scores predicted nothing. Neither similarity nor oppositeness produced a good relationship. These results contradicted both theories.

Rather, it was the total of the two scores that predicted success. The more self-control both partners had, the better they got along. This was true for friends, dating couples, and long-term spouses.

We did find that in romantic relationships (though not the same-sex friends), partners tended to be more different than similar. Thus, in terms of self-control, opposites do seem to attract – but oppositeness does not make for a better relationship.

Thus, to return to the question of whether two people with low self-control can find happiness together, the answer is that the odds are not good. They might have a very exciting and fun-filled fling for a short time. However, their prospects for a satisfying long-term stable relationship are poor. Over the long run, two people with good self-control share the best chance of a happy love relationship.

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Understanding The Female Orgasm

When it comes to the female orgasm, most guys are confused. This is understandable considering that many men are clueless regarding the different types of orgasms and stimulations that can be given, not to mention if a certain part of the vagina has to be manipulated in order to give a woman an earth-shattering orgasm. Well, if you’re among the bewildered, have heart; today’s tip will help you understand the female genitalia and the female orgasm inside and out. what happens? When a woman orgasms, regardless of which area of her body you’re manipulating, her body physically reacts in the same way. During an orgasm, she feels: stimulation in her clitoris her heart rate, blood pressure and breathing increase tension builds within her pelvis muscles contract throughout her body, especially in the vagina, uterus, rectum, and pelvic floor tension is released upon orgasm.

Blue Clitoris
Believe it or not, it is possible for women to get what is often called “blue balls” in men. As you know by now, the clitoris and penis are remarkably similar after conception, but males go on to develop penises.  If a woman gets incredibly turned on, her clitoris, like the penis, becomes engorged with blood. If the blood isn’t released via orgasm, she will experience discomfort — just as men do.  So when you tease her, you build up awesome tension, and when she finally orgasms, it will be an explosion of release. Keep in mind, however, that roughly 26% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm. And usually, it’s her own mental block that keeps her from reaching orgasm — it’s not you.  Keep reading at

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Kite Surfer Jumps over Pier

DAREDEVIL kite surfer Jake Scrace makes the most of the extreme wind yesterday with a death-defying 100ft jump over a pier.
Jake, 25, used the waves as a ramp to leap 40ft across Worthing Pier in East Sussex, before landing back in the water. His extreme surfer pal Lewis Craften followed.

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